'Daughter I am going to tell you a secret: You are the best thing that ever happened to you.
Love yourself this deeply. When you feel this and know this, you will be free.'

Hi Everyone!

I'm Roxana

I’m a mum, a qualified Youthworker, Fine Artist, a Mindfulness for Teens Teacher, certified Mother daughter relationship coach and an Alternative Therapist with over 15 years experience in bodywork modalities and Energy Healing practices.

In my personal journey, growing into adulthood was an exciting time of exploration, however there was no clear guidance or positive female role models, the way I looked and acted was my main source of joy, and the only way I knew of getting attention, love and approval, especially from men. This then followed through in my intimate experiences which where disconnected, and also all about how I looked and acted.

It’s taken many years of inner work, and the willingness to feel everything honestly, cultivating a new loving relationship to my inner world and body, letting go of romantic idealisations and returning back to the simplicity of Being. With this unfolding, a new phase of self acceptance, safety and love can start to unfold, embodying truth and living authentically. 

My wish is to support and empower our girls, and mothers of girls, so that they are ready to step into womanhood, feeling connected, loved and safe enough to be authentic every moment.

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