Mother Daughter relationship Coaching

Mother Daughter Relationship Coaching is based on the Mother daughter attachment model ™. During these sessions we will create your mother daughter family history map to understand any generational patterns impacting both of your lives, uncovering the reasons for any conflict and provide a roadmap on how to strengthen the mother-daughter relationship.

To find out more about the origins of Mother-daughter relationship coaching and the world's first mother daughter coach see 

Circles for Mothers and caregivers.

Circles for Mothers and female caregivers cover the same themes as the girls circles, also with the intention to explore and heal our own mother wounds and resistance to self love.

-Work through your stories of beauty, body image and puberty experiences.
– Bring and discuss present challenges with your daughter – Learn to support yourself and your daughter

– Be an integral part of a safe circle of women who listen, care and go through similar experiences.


Some of the Themes explored..

-Expressing and feeling emotions 

-Resistance to self love  

-The Mirror our Daughter holds 

-Healing the Mother Wound 

-Understanding masculine and feminine within ourselves

-Shame and secrecy

-Healthy body image

– The gifts of our menstrual cycle, the gifts of menopause

-Healthy Boundaries

-Meditation and body awareness..

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