Girls Circles

Our girls circles are fun structured sessions that empower our young women to connect to the wisdom of their body and cultivate a relationship with their inner world, increasing their confidence and self-awareness. A girls circle is a safe space where young women can be authentically who they are without judgment.

Authentic friendships

So often between girls and women, there can be an environment of judging and comparing each other, living up to certain expectations, acting a certain way or looking a certain way to fit in and be accepted. 

Being in a safe space where nothing is expected of you and you are accepted however you are, we can start to look beyond the surface personalities and appearances, acknowledging each of our struggles, and celebrating our womaness together. 

Authentic and supportive friendships can be made and the girls have lots of laughs along the way.

Exploring the Menstrual Cycle

In schools girls are taught something about the technical biology, but the menstrual cycle is so much more than that! It’s our connection to our body and our emotions, and a powerful doorway to learn about Self love and body awareness. 

The girls learn about the menstrual cycle in relation to the changing seasons, the cycles in a woman’s life, and the moon cycle.

We look at the history of menstruation and how it is for women in different cultures around the world.

We also explore a range of menstrual products available and how to use them, and the girls are introduced to menstrual diaries as a way to connect with their own individual cycle.

This is a great preparation for girls who have not begun their first period as well as a supportive program for those who have started already.

Body Image

In this section, we put a spotlight on the beauty industry, and the ways that media can enhance and change advertising pictures, and therefore influence society’s ideas of what beauty is.

We look at the many different shapes and sizes of bodies and the changing form in different cultures and throughout history.

Using a range of creative activities, meditation and group discussion we start to pick apart these ideas of beauty to get to the essence of what real beauty actually means, helping us to reclaim our bodies for ourselves, discovering newfound confidence, joy, power and pleasure, along the way.

Emotions Meditation


During the journey we explore the rainbow of emotions through creative activities, and group work. Using games, and mindfulness exercises the girls can gain deeper awareness, regulation and acceptance of their emotions, and feel safe to express authentically. We also explore the many ways in which they may try to avoid feeling certain emotions.

We use awareness and grounding techniques to practice being a safe container, that can hold their emotions with compassion, and build resilience for whatever may come.

Connecting with the body using mindfulness and meditation practices

Throughout the programme we include mindfulness practices, inspired by the SOMA programme, dedicated to the simple practice of silent awareness, of breath, sound, body sensations, and simply resting as we are.

We use different meditations such as womb connection, the chakra system, awakening the senses, mirror work, therapeutic art practices and breathwork, gently reminding us to come back to the present moment.

Mindfulness Meditation Practices
Intuitive knowing and Boundaries


In these sessions we look at any resistances that can block us trusting, listening to and expressing our personal boundaries and how clear boundaries are connected with Self love, self respect and safety. 

We use group activities to explore personal boundaries so the girls get a bodily sense of what is yes, no or maybe, and how to express that authentically.


Instead of going straight into a session about sex, boys and relationships, we begin with the relationship with yourself, first and foremost. We focus on Self-love, which is the foundation that must be strong before we can have a healthy relationship with another.

The girls learn what sexual energy is, and body awareness meditations to move this energy throughout the body.

We explore the meaning of the word ‘pleasure’ in relation to the five senses, and they get to experience a fun and light hearted sensory meditation. This gives the girls a wonderful opportunity to explore their inner world, having a positive relationship with themselves .

We also look at the masculine and feminine qualities within each of us.

Sexuality Education

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