Journey to Womanhood

Empowering our girls to connect to the wisdom and sacredness of their body and cultivate a relationship with their inner world.


About us

The ‘Journey to Womanhood’ is about empowering our young women, and mothers of young women, to listen to the wisdom of their body, uncovering the stories that keep us disconnected from self-love, inner beauty, natural power and presence, and living a life of radical honesty and authenticity.  

Each session explores a range of themes and includes teachings, discussion, movement, meditation, art, journaling and lots of fun!

“When women lose touch with their real selves, the harmony of the world ceases to exist and destruction sets in. It is therefore crucial that women everywhere make every effort to rediscover their fundamental nature, for only then can we save this world.” (Amma)

Journey to Womanhood

When young women are not given a safe space with the guidance that empowers them into womanhood, they can either unconsciously absorb or rebel against the conditioning of their family, peer groups, society and the culture they grow up in. This can lead to feelings of disconnection, guilt, shame, anger, uneasiness about their body, and expectations that often repress rather than liberate the natural essence that is every woman’s birth right.

Many girls and women carry deep seated beliefs about looking or acting a certain way in order to be lovable. As we go through this journey we begin to realise the essence of who we are, which has nothing to do with wearing skirts and make up and everything to do with how incredible we are regardless of the outer appearances. 

Journey to Womanhood is a circle based journey in which young women can safely explore a range of themes such as ‘Self love and self respect’, ‘Exploring body image perceptions’, and ‘Body awareness’.

Each session uses the head, heart and hands model, which includes learning and group discussions, fun art activities and mindfulness meditation practices. 

For Mothers

How do we give our daughters what we wish we had received from our own Mother?

Circles for Mothers and caregivers of daughters, offer a safe space to explore and heal our own mother wounds and resistance to self love.

As mothers, going on our own journey to wholeness and acceptance, connecting to our inner beauty, opening to love and connecting with other mothers in supportive sisterhood, we are able to nurture, protect, empower and initiate our daughters into the fullness of who they are.

  • How can we help our daughter deal with constant media images of ‘perfection’? 
  • How can we support our daughter’s experience of menstruating and teach her about  the gifts of our menstrual cycle.
  • How do we answer our daughters questions about pleasure, love and relationships?
  • How can we foster a healthy body image that will keep them from obsessing about food and looks? 
  • How do we empower our girls to listen to and trust their intuition?

Each session includes teachings and experiential exercises, meditation, bodywork, breathwork, movement, sharing circles, journaling and art, held in a safe, confidential space.

'I don't see distant wars or environmental capitalism being able to survive in a world full of initiated women.'  The Dalai Lama

” Great Mystery,
teach me how to trust
my heart,
my mind,
my intuition,
my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit.
Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear,
and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each Sun. “

~ Lakota Prayer

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